Why Shop Local?

1. Dollars recirculate here.

When you spend your dollars locally, they’re more likely to re-circulate within our local economy over and over. Did you know: $100 spent locally equals $68 in local economic activity, while $100 spent at a big box retailer equals only $48 in local economic activity!

2. It helps our environment.

Buying local reduces your carbon footprint. Less time spent driving to a bigger city or ordering products online means less fuel used to get those items to you.

3. It creates local jobs.

Our local business owners prefer to hire local people, which keeps you and I employed, which keeps more dollars in our local economy.

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4. It makes us unique.

Somerset and the Pulaski County-area is made up of our own unique character. From our Fountain Square downtown, to our unique boat docks, local businesses dot the way, comprising the many smaller business hubs in our region.

5. It nurtures our community.

Our business owners invest in our town by donating to charitable causes, by actively being involved with community efforts, by helping our schools, and by donating to initiatives to that bring in tourism.

6. It creates choice.

Our businesses respond to customers needs and wants, and by having the freedom to choose the items and services they sell, are able to carry a variety of products that are locally-made or produced.

7. It creates entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy! New entrepreneurs keep our economy fresh, and fluid. They see a need and fill it by offering new products and services our area might otherwise not have.

8. It’s fun!

We invite you to explore our area and discover new businesses using the Shop Local Somerset website. Meet your neighbors, try a new restaurant, or stop into a small shop you’ve never been in before. You can tell ‘em Shop Local Somerset sent you.

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