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My name is Jordan Justice. Originally from Eastern Kentucky, my wife Stephanie and I have lived in several different states throughout the country, but we are proud to call Somerset our home for the past 12 years with our son Jett and our daughter Storey. I have had a passion for art my whole life. I began my airbrushing journey when I was in Somerset Community College’s Aviation Program. My first airbrushed projects included cars, motorcycles, boats, and helmets. My first mural was completed in the break room of Summit Aviation in Somerset during my employment there in 2009. Since that time,  I have painted sceneries in baptisteries, covered the walls of a mason lodge with floor to ceiling murals and several large murals throughout Kentucky with my most recent being on the Chamber Of Commerce wall here in Somerset. I’ve always dreamt of having a business creating art and using it to brighten others day and I feel that dream is now becoming a reality. I am currently working full-time as an aircraft mechanic at Lockeed Martin in addition to my art. When I first started, I didn’t realize how large of an impact doing a mural can bring to a small area. It shows the growth of the city and gives you something to think about, bringing character and life to your daily commute.


If you are interested in custom design services, mural concepts and more, please contact me to get started!

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