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TEKSwork was started in 2004 with the idea that technology should be cost-effective and work for your business not against it. With so many people who claim to understand what is needed to make a business’s infrastructure run smoothly very few can actually do it. TEKSwork is a Microsoft® Certified Partner who has proven over the past years we have the knowledge base and the talent to assist your current IT Staff with a large project or become the day to day IT Staff for your company or practice.

TEKSwork provides cutting edge technical support and services for businesses of all sizes. Our key objective is to provide your business with a lower IT Cost. We are able to do this by ensuring that everything works as well as it can for your company and you are satisfied with the system and services we have implemented, we can then target our resources to help other clients, thus spreading the cost of support effectively.

We currently offer our services and support to several unique markets:

  • • Manufacturing
  • • Government
  • • Health Care
  • • Small Business
  • • Public School Systems
  • • Universities
  • • Libraries

Simply put we have the expertise needed to provide you with “Technology That Works”.

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