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Wouldn’t it be great if healthcare was once again about improving health and providing care? They say necessity is the mother of all invention – and necessity is certainly what sparked CashMD.

My name is Denny Brummett, and I am one of the founders of CashMD. I have been in private practice as a dentist for almost 20 years. I have truly been blessed to be able to make a living serving patients while doing what I love. I never anticipated that I would start an online-based medical company. However, I have witnessed firsthand the struggles of a broken healthcare system, specifically as it relates to medical insurance and the barriers that it has created between patient & provider; between health & care. We hear frequently about how our current healthcare system has failed both patients and providers – but it wasn’t until I had a troubling experience with my own health that I became passionate about wanting to help “fix” a broken healthcare system…to find a better way.

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